Science Fair

The Georgia Science and Engineering Fair was May 27-28, 2015 in Athens, Georgia. Lakeside had four students participate in the fair.

Nathan Guzman           Fourth place Chemistry

Fahad Paryani             Second place Microbiology

Alec Reinhardt             Second place Behavioral and Social Sciences

Julia Shuford                Second place Materials Science

Please congratulate these students . They started this journey the first week of school!

Science Fair Research Project

Schedule of Important Dates


August 14           Explanation of project, receive paperwork.

August 18           Media Center visit to investigate possible topics; Go over the logbook protocol: Logbook

    Here is the powerpoint I show about the logbook: Your Log Book

August 22           Project Ideas form due with signed parent acknowledgment. (10 pts) Project ideas Form

    Here is a powerpoint about writing a testable question: Testable Questions

Web Sources     The only web sources that you can cite in your paper are .edu and .gov.  If you want to cite a .com, .net, etc., you must fill out a website permission form: Website Permission Form  This form should be filled out and emailed to Mrs. Brim to get her approval.

September 3       Discuss the ISEF paperwork that must be filled out for your project.

September 3       Science Fair Project Plan is due.  Hre is the powerpoint that I show: Project Plan.  Here is the form: Project Plan sheet – reg.  If you are doing an engineering project, use this Project Plan Form: Project Plan sheet – engineer

September 12    Turn in completed GSEF/ISEF paperwork. (15 pts)

    This is a copy of the yellow form that you attached to your paperwork and that has what is needed in the first draft on page two:  Science fair Checklist

     Here’s the powerpoint that I showed you about how to do the Works Cited page in the MLA Style: WORKS CITED

    Here is the powerpoint that I showed you about the first draft and how to write the background information and do    parenthetical documentation: First Draft info

September 24    First Draft / Logbook / Plagiarism Awareness form / First Draft Checklist due (10 pts)

–  should include title page, introductory paragraph with purpose and thesis, research/background information, final paragraph with hypothesis, and Works Cited page.

     Help on writing a thesis statement: Thesis statement

     The packet that has MLA information as well as how to format parts of your paper: Sample Paper – science fair

     The first draft checklist that must be turned in with the first draft: Checklist – 1st draft

    The plagiarism awareness form that must be turned in with the first draft: Plagiarism Awareness

The powerpoint on plagiarism that I show in class:   plagiarism

The powerpoint I showed that showed problems with the first draft once students got it back:

October 1            Revised Project Plan due (10 pts)  Project Plan Form-revised

– we are focusing on the procedure before the second draft is due.

October 3            Deadline for all GSEF/ISEF paperwork to be complete, correct and received.

October 16          Second Draft / Old First Draft / Logbook Due / Second Draft Checklist (15 pts)

– should include title page, introductory paragraph with purpose and thesis, research/background information, summary paragraph with hypothesis, materials and methods*, and works cited

                                                            *anyone reading your procedure should be able to recreate your experiment perfectly.

The second draft checklist that must be turned in with the second draft: checklist-2nd-draft

November 5        Third Draft / Old Second Draft / Old First Draft / Logbook Due / Third Draft Certification Form (15 pts)

– should include everything from second draft with revisions and Table of Contents, plus whatever else you would like edited.

The third draft checklist that must be turned in with the third draft: Checklist – 3rd draft

December 3        FINAL RESEARCH REPORT(ONE COPY) DUE – Old Third Draft / Old Second Draft / Old First Draft Due (15 pts).

The guide that talks about each part pf the paper and how it will be graded: Writing Your Final Paper.  Here is the powerpoint that goes with it: Writing Your Final Paper

**You will receive points for the material due on each of the designated due dates.

**Any item not received complete on the date due will lose the possible points assigned it.

**These points are 10% of the science fair project grade.  

**Please do yourself a favor and monitor your progress carefully.

Second Semester Dates

January 7            Display Board Due  Display Info

January 8           Abstract Due   Abstract Info

Use the link: or click on

B. Abstract Form with the 20 Intel ISEF 2015 Categories 

PowerPoint about the Display Board and Abstract:Display Board and Abstract

January 13           Lakeside High School Science Fair, LHS cafeteria

Presenting your project: Presenting your project

February 8           DeKalb Science and Engineering Regional Fair, Arabia Mountain High School

Important Documents

You received a folder in class with the forms you will need.  They are also below.  Feel free to print them as needed.

Timeline to help you not get behind: 20wktimeline

Here are some criteria to go through when determining if a website is okay to use as a source: Choosing a website

If the website you want to use is not pre-approved (not .edu or .gov), then you will need to fill out the form and return it to Mrs. Brim to request permission to use the website: Website Permission Form

Science Fair: Basic Paper Format – MLA Style: basic-paper-format-2014

Here is the powerpoint that I showed you about the second draft and how to write the Materials and Methods portion of the paper: Second Draft Info

Here is the powerpoint that I showed you about the third draft and how to make a Table of Contents: Third Draft Info

Here is the handout that explains all parts of the research paper and what should be included in the final draft of your paper:  Writing Your Final Paper.

Link to the International Science and Engineering Fair site so that you can download the official forms you must fill out.  Click on DOCUMENT LIBRARY on the bottom left side.

When you are writing your paper, you can refer to this sample paper for help with formatting, etc. Sample Paper – science fair

Here is an example of the results section for a paper: Results Example



          Believe it or not, selecting a topic for a science fair project may be the toughest part of the process.  The Internet and the media center or Public Library are good places to find a topic, but most students are not focused when they begin their search.  Without knowing what it is that you are looking for, it is almost impossible for you to come up with something that is going to work as a topic.

FIRST STEP:  Pick an area of science in which you have a particular interest.  You are going to be with your topic for 6 months….If you don’t pick a topic interesting to you, it will be a very long six months.  Look closely at your interests, experience, and resources before settling on a topic.


SECOND STEP:  Go to the website and select the Topic Selection Wizard on the left hand side.  You can also go through the Idea Finder in the bottom left hand corner at the Discovery website.


THIRD STEP: there are several other places to look:

Search Engines and Subject Portals

Try the search engine Eccellio ( for a more refined science search on topics.

A subject portal from the Center for Library Research:  BUBL Information Service

Another subject portal: The WWW Virtual Library

Web Sites for Topics/Ideas  –

Science Project  –

The Ultimate Science fair resource  –

Science Fair Home Page  –

Science Fair projects and Experiments  –

All Science Fair Projects  –

ScienceNews for Kids –

Terimore Institute Inc.  –

Science link

Super Science Fair Projects, Ideas, Topics, and Experiments link

Research Magazines and Other Traditional Periodicals

Science News~~


Latest Science research~



Ms. TTs Science Fair Webquest:

Science fair Project Webquest:

Libby Gray’s Science Fair Webquest: Scientific+Method+Web+Quest



2 thoughts on “Science Fair

  1. Dear Mrs. Brim,

    It’s been 2 or 3 years since my last class chemistry class with you, and now I’m a freshman in college. I just wrote an essay for class, and went back to your website and powerpoint about works cited pages. It helped tremendously! Thank you for being a wonderful teacher!

    -A former student

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