Conference Information

Welcome to my Conference page!

This is where I have uploaded my conference packets and any other pertinent information.

Who I am:
Nancy Brim
Teacher, East Jackson Comprehensive High School
Jackson County School System
Commerce, GA

I currently teach physical science and Earth Systems, but have taught environmental science, physical science, general chemistry, accelerated chemistry, gifted chemistry, AP chemistry, integrated science, test prep, and all levels of chemistry, including AP.  I have been teaching for 27 years.

I am a National Board Certified Teacher (I recertified in 2013) and I recommend it for everyone regardless of whether or not you get extra pay.  It was a great experience and it forced me to find the time to think about my teaching…which we all should do more often, but do not have time to do.

A co-worker, Kathy Switzer, and I served as the local arrangement chairpersons for the Georgia Science Teachers Association (GSTA) Conference in Atlanta (2011, 2012).  That was a great experience and we got to work with all kinds of wonderful people.  In addition, I manage the GSTA Store at the conferences and became the Executive Secretary/Treasurer July 2017.  I would encourage everyone to get involved with GSTA.

You are welcome to email me for more information:


GSTA 2017 Conference packet on Chemistry and Physical Science Projects  gsta-presentation-2-2017

Project Read Book List: Book Project List 2014     Book Project Directions

Element Project Information Sheet:  Element Project 2011

GSTA 2015 Conference packet on Equilibrium  Equilibrium Unit Plan-GSTA2015

GSTA 2014 Conference packet on Gas Laws    Gas Laws Unit Plan-GSTA2014

GSTA 2014 Conference powerpoint on science fair – updated for 2014  Science Fair 2014

NSTA 2012 and GSTA 2012 Conference packet on Chemistry Demos, Labs, and Projects  NSTA 2012 ChemDemos
List of ions that I used for the dice that I made.  DICE IONS


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