April 27     Read pages 680-696

April 28     20-1 Practice Problems handout due, odd numbers only

April 30    Balancing Redox I due

May 1        Balancing Redox II due

May 4       Start Household Chemical lab

May 8       Balancing Redox III due

May 8       Review for Redox test given out

May 8       Problem set from Chapter 19 due (#1-7, 9, 15-17)

May 11     Tie Dye $1 and bag due

May 11      Household Chemical lab report due

May 11    Tie and soak shirt in class

May 12     Redox Test, Chapter 19

May 13   Dye shirt in class

May 15     All coupons due

May 15     SLO

May 18     Final exam problem set due

May 21     Final Exam – periods 2, 4, 6

May 22    Final Exam – periods 1, 3, 5


Notes for Chapter 19
Oxidation Reduction Notes Redox notes

Powerpoint for Redox: Redox – Web

Handouts for Oxidation Reduction
Practice Problem set page 1 and page 2  20-1 Practice Problems
Balancing Redox Equations, Part I Redox Equations I
Balancing Redox Equations, Part II Redox Equations II
Review for Redox test Redox Review

Final Exam
Final Exam Review Objectives Final Review- with redox
Final Exam Review Problem Set Final Exam Problem set

Final Labs
Household Chemical Lab Instructions Household Chem lab
Tie Dye lab instructions  Student Tie Dye Instructions


ACID-BASE Assignments, Chapter 18

Apr. 16    Read pages 632-666 (omit pg. 665)

Apr. 16    Bronsted-Lowry handout due

Apr. 17    Study Guide for Content Mastery 18.1 due

Apr. 20    Naming Acids and Bases handout due
Apr. 20    Study Guide for Content Mastery 18.2 due

Apr. 21    Properties of Acids and Bases lab due
Apr. 21    pH problem set handout due
Apr. 22    Study Guide for Content Mastery 18.4 due
Apr. 24    Problem set, Ch. 18 #1, 3abc, 12ab, 13, 15ab, 44, 45, 57, 60, 64-67
Apr. 24    Acid-Base Review due
Apr. 24   Review objectives for test given out
Apr. 27   Acid-Base Test
Apr. 28   Titration lab due

Notes for Acids and Bases
Acid and Base notes Acid-Base Notes-gifted

Handouts for Acids and Bases
Bronsted-Lowry handout Bronsted-Lowry handout
Naming Acids and Bases handout Naming Acids and Bases
Study Guide for Content Mastery 18.1

Study Guide Acid-Base

Study Guide for Content Mastery 18.2
Strengths of Acids and Bases
Study Guide: Neutralization, page 1

Neutralization, page 1








Study Guide: Neutralization,page 2

Neutralization, page 2








pH problem set handout pH problem set
pH and pOH handout

pH Scale review








Acid-Base Review Packet Review packet Acid-Bases
Acid-Base revi

ew objectives handout Acid-Base review objectives

Labs for Acids and Bases
Properties of Acids and Bases lab Properties of Acid Base lab
Titration lab Titration lab



CHEMICAL EQUILIBRIUM Assignments, Chapter 17

Mar. 27      Read pages 592-623

Mar. 27      16-2 Practice Problems handout #1-18 due

Mar. 27      Chemical Equilibrium – Sample Keq Problems handout due

Mar. 27      Chemical Equilibrium – Review practice handout due

Mar. 30     16-2 Practice Problems handout #19-26 due

Apr. 1         Le Chatelier’s Principle (large grid) handout due

Apr. 3        Equilibrium Quiz

Apr. 3        Chemical Equilibrium handout due

Apr. 3        Reversible Reactions lab due

Apr. 13      Le Chatelier’s Principle handout (#1-12) due

Apr. 13      Review for test distributed (Objectives and Problem set handout)

Apr. 14      Test – Chapter 17, Chemical Equilibrium

Apr. 15      Shift and Shout lab due


Notes for Chapter 17, Chemical Equilibrium
Chemical Equilibrium notes  EQ-notes – gifted

PowerPoint for Chemical Equilibrium ChemEQ – Web


Handouts for Chapter, 17, Chemical Equilibrium
Practice Problems 16.2 Front side and Back side

16.2 Practice front

16.2 Practice front

16.2 Practice back

16.2 Practice back

Chemical Equilibrium: Sample Keq Problems handout Chem EQ: Sample Keq Problems
Chemical Equilibrium: Review practice handout Chemical EQ Review Practice
Le Chatelier’s Principle (grid) handout

Le Chatelier's Practice
Le Chatelier’s Practice

Le Chatelier’s Principle handout Le Chatelier’s Principle HO
Chemical Equilibrium handout Chemical EQ Handout
Points to Remember handout (attached to “Shift and Shout” lab)
Chemical Equilibrium Practice Problems handout EQ Practice Problems
Equilibrium Test Review handout Review-EQ

Labs for Chapter 17, Chemical Equilibrium
Establishing Equilibrium lab  Straw EQ Lab  Not doing this year due to snow days
Reversible Reactions lab Reversible Rxn lab
Shift and Shout: Exploring LeChatelier’s lab Shift and Shout Lab




Mar. 17   Read pages 558-582 (omit 578-579)
Mar. 17   Study Guide: Factors handout due
Mar. 18   Study Guide: Potential Energy handout due
Mar. 20   Big Chill project due

Mar. 24   Problem Set, Ch. 16 #1, 2, 8-10, 14-16, 23, 37, 44-46 due
Mar. 24   Review given out
Mar. 24   Reaction Mechanism handout due
Mar. 25     Kinetics Test

Notes for Kinetics
Kinetics notes  Kinetics Notes

Powerpoint for kinetics  kinetics – web

Lab for Kinetics

Iodine Clock Reaction lab  Count on it!

Handouts for Kinetics
Study Guide: Factors – front side and back side

Study Guide front side

Study Guide front side

Study Guide back side
Study Guide back side

Study Guide: Reaction Rates handout

Reaction Rates

Reaction Rates

Concept Review

Compt Review – Potential E Diagrams

Concept Review: Potential Energy Diagrams handout
Reaction Mechanism handout Rxn Mechanism handout
Kinetics review Review-kinetics
Reaction Mechanism review rxnmechreview

Labs for Kinetics
Iodine Clock Reaction lab  Count on it!


SOLUTIONS Assignments, Chapter 14
Mar. 2     Read pages 474-507

Mar. 2     Solutions handout due (Study Guide and Concept Review)

Mar. 2    Ice Cream supplies volunteered for

Mar. 4     Molarity/Molality Problem set and Solubility Graph handout due

Mar. 5    Ch. 14 Problem set #9-10, 16-17, 21-22, 24-25, 27, 39, 41, 45-46 due
Mar. 5    Colligative Properties handout due
Mar. 5    Ice cream supplies due

Mar. 9    Solubility of KNO3 lab due
Mar. 9    Solutions Problem set handout due
Mar. 10   Review for test given out
Mar. 10  March Madness extra credit due
Mar. 11   Solutions test
Mar. 12   Ice cream lab due

Mar. 12   Midterm review problem set due

Mar. 13   Solution, Solution lab due
Mar. 19   Midterm, Part I – calculations

Mar. 20   Big Chill Project due
Mar. 23  Midterm, Part II – other

Mar. 23   Big Chill Project Competition

Notes for Solutions
Solutions  notes Solution notes-gifted

Handouts for Solutions
Concept Review: Solutions (front side)

Concept Review-Solutions
Study Guide: Heterogeneous Solutions (backside)

Study Guide-Mixtures and Solutions
Study Guide: What are Solutions? (front side)

Study Guide-14.3 front side
Study Guide: What are Solutions? (back side)

Study Guide-14.3 back side
Solubility Curve handout

Solubility Curve handout
Molarity and Molality handout Molarity-Molality worksheet
Colligative Properties Problem set handout Colligative Properties Problem Set
Solutions Problem set handout Solution Problem Set
Review for Chapter 14 handout REVIEW-soln-gifted and SOLUTION PROBLEM SET TWO

Labs for Solutions
Supersaturation lab Supersaturation lab
Solubility of KNO3 lab Solubility Lab
Solution, Solution, Where is My Solution? Lab Solution, Solution Lab
We all Scream for Ice Cream lab IceCream lab

Powerpoint: Solutions – Web


Review: Solutions – review

Midterm Review Materials
Midterm Review objectives handout Midterm Review
Midterm Problem Set handout  Midterm Pset

Midterm Additional review Midterm – second review-single


Do you need a new periodic table?  Print the first page: Class P Table and References


Feb. 9       Big Chill Project information given out. Project due March 20

Feb. 9       Heat of Fusion of Ice lab due
Feb. 9       Read pages 402-409 and 440-464
Feb. 10     Boyle’s Charles’ and Gay-Lussac’s Laws handout due
Feb. 11     Dalton’s and Combined Gas Law handout due
Feb. 12     Graham’s law and Gas Stoichiometry handout due

Feb. 13     Ch. 13 #40, 41, 43, 44 due

Feb. 13     Playing with Cans and Balloons lab due
February 17     SNOW DAY!

Feb. 18     Gas Laws handout due
Feb. 18     Gas Laws Quiz

Feb. 18     The Rates of Diffusion of Gases lab due

Feb. 19     Density and Molar Mass handout due

Feb. 20     More Gas Laws handout due

Feb. 23     Review for test distributed
Feb. 23     Problem set Ch. 12: #1-2, Ch. 13: 1, 2, 5, 6, 8, 9, 11, 16, 21, 26, 36, 38, 39, 42 due

Feb. 24     Test – Gas Laws

Feb. 25     Dry Ice lab due

Notes for Gas laws
Gas laws notes Gas Law notes 2013

Powerpoint of Gas Laws content: Gas Laws – web

Handouts for Gas laws
Boyle’s, Charles’, and Gay-Lussac’s Laws handout Boyle’s, Charles’, Gay-Lussac’s Problem set
Dalton’s and Combined Gas Law handout Dalton-Combined-Ideal problem set
Graham’s law and Gas Stoichiometry handout Grahams-Gas Stoichiometry Problem set
Gas Laws handout Gas Law Problems
Density and Molar Mass handout Density-Molar Mass Practice
More Gas Laws handout More Gas Law Problems
Review for Gas laws handout Review-gas laws

Labs for Gas Laws
Gas Pressure lab Gas-Pipet Pressure lab  omitted this year
Playing with Cans and Balloons lab Playing with Balloons and Cans
Absolute Zero lab Absolute Zero Lab  omitted this year
Using the Calculator directions Calculator Instructions
Rates of Diffusion of Gases lab Gas Diffusion lab
Dry Ice Day lab Dry Ice lab


States of Matter, Chapters 12 and 15

Jan. 26    Read pages 400-430 (omit 403-410 gases for now)

Jan. 27    Problem set, Ch. 12 #14-20, 22-24 due
Jan. 29    Study Guide 12.2 due
Jan. 30     Problem set, Ch. 12 #34-35, 51, 60, 62, 65-69 due
Feb. 2      Evaporation lab – Chillin’ Out – due

Feb. 2      Study Guide 12.4 due

Feb. 2      Problem set, Ch. 12 #27-33 due

Feb. 3      Read pages 516-524
Feb. 3      Problem set, Ch. 12 #75-82
Feb. 4      Energy Calculations handout due

Feb. 4   Characteristics of Phases of Matter handout due

Feb. 4    Review for test distributed
Feb. 5    Test – Ch. 12 and 15
Feb. 9      Enthalpy of Fusion of Ice lab due

Notes for Phases of Matter
Phases of Matter and Heat Energy notes Phases of Matter notes

Handouts for Phases of Matter
The Big Chill extra credit AJC article – not available on-line
Characteristics of Phases of Matter handout  Phases Visual Organizer
Study Guide 12.2

Study Guide 12.2

Study Guide 12.3

Study Guide 12.3
Energy Calculations – both sides Heat Calculation handouts
Study Guide 12.4 front

Study Guide 12.4a

Study Guide 12.4 back

Study Guide 12.4b
Phases of Matter review  Review Phases of Matter

Labs for Phases of Matter
Chillin’ Out – Evaporative Cooling lab Evaporation lab-probes
Enthalpy of Fusion of Ice lab  HeatfusxLab – NO CBL  HeatfusxLab-answer sheet


Stoichiometry , Chapters 10.4, 10.5, and 11

Jan. 7             Display Board due

Jan. 8             Abstract due

Jan. 8            Mole City Practice handout due

Jan. 9            Read pages 344-354

Jan. 9            Empirical Formula, Molecular Formula, and Hydrate handout due

Jan. 12            Science fair Registration form due by 3:30 today

Jan. 12            Read pages 366-384

Jan. 13            Lakeside High School Science Fair, 4-6

Jan. 13            Problem Set, Ch. 11 #1abc, 3abc, 11, 13, 15 due

Jan. 14            Stoichiometry Practice handout due

Jan. 16            Problem set, Ch. 11, #23-24, 28-30 due

Jan. 20            Stoichiometric Relationships lab due

Jan. 21            Off to the Races lab due

Jan. 21           More Stoichiometry Practice due

Jan. 21            Review for test distributed

Jan. 21            Extra Credit – Mole Airlines – due  (date changed)

Jan. 22            Test – Chapters 10.4, 10.5, 11

Jan. 23            S’Mores Stoichiometry handout due

Jan. 23           Last day to turn in a book choice to Mrs. Brim

Science fair Information

Display board handout  Display Info

Abstract handout  Abstract Info

Presenting your Project handout  Presenting your project

Book Project Information

Book list  Book Project List 2014

Project READ info sheet Book Project Directions

Project READ form to give to Mrs. Brim  (will print two)  Summary and Approval Form

Notes for Stoichiometry

Empirical Formula, Molecular Formula, Hydrate, and Stoichiometry notes  Stoichio Notes – student

Handouts for Stoichiometry

Mole Practice handout  Mole-spring

Empirical and Molecular Formula handout  Emp-Mol-Hydrate handout

Stoichiometry Practice handout  Stoichio Practice New

More Stoichiometry Practice handout  More Stoichio Practice-HB

Review for test  Review-2011

Labs for Stoichiometry

Stoichiometry Relatioships lab  StoichLab

Off to the Races lab  Off to the Races

S’more Stoichiometry lab  smore stoichiometry




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