Accel Chem – Spring

Assignments for Acids and Bases

May 1     Read pages 632-640

May 5    Chemical Equilibrium test

May 5    Final Exam Review distributed

May 5    Study Guide (front ) and Naming Acids and Bases due

May 7    Bronsted-Lowry Acids and Study Guide handout due

May 7    Read pages 650-658

May 11   Properties of Acids and Bases lab due

May 8    pH problem set handout due

May 8    Read pages 659-663 and 666-668

May 11   Study Guide for Content Mastery 18.4 due

May 11  $1, white t-shirt and bag due if tie dyeing

May 12  Review distributed for test

May 13  Dyeing t-shirt in class

May 14  AP World History test

May 15  Taking SLO

May 18  Acid-Base Review due

May 18  Acid-Base Test

May 19  Final Exam Review Problem Set due

May 22  Final Exam

Notes for Acids and Bases

Acid and Base notes     Acid-Base Notes-accel

Handouts for Acids and Bases

Bronsted-Lowry handout  Bronsted-Lowry H-O

Study Guide for Content Mastery 18.1

Study Guide for Content Mastery 18.2

Naming Acids and Bases handout  Naming Acids and Bases

Study Guide: Neutralization, page 1

Study Guide: Neutralization, page 2

pH problem set handout  pHProblemset

Acid-Base Review  Review-acid-accel

Labs for Acids and Bases

Properties of Acids and Bases lab  AcidBase lab

Tie Dye Instructions  Student Tie Dye Instructions


Assignments for Chemical Equilibrium, Chapter 17

Apr. 21       Antacid lab due

Apr. 22      Read pages 592-605

Apr. 22      16-2 Practice Problems handout #1-18 due (mostly done in class)

Apr. 22      Keq Practice Problems handout due

Apr. 22      Keq Review Practice handout due (done in class)

Apr. 23      Read pages 612-613

Apr. 23      Chemical Equilibrium Study Guide due

Apr. 23     16-2 Practice Problems handout #19-26 due (done in class)

Apr. 24      Reaction Quotient handout due

Apr. 27      Equilibrium Quiz

Apr. 28      Chemical Equilibrium handout due

Apr. 29      Read pages 606-611

Apr. 29      Le Chatelier’s Principle (large grid) handout due

Apr. 29      Reversible Reactions lab due

Apr. 30      Le Chatelier’s Principle handout (#1-12) due

Apr. 30      Review for test distributed

May 4        Test – Chapter 17, Chemical Equilibrium

May 5        Shift and Shout: Exploring LeChatelier’s lab due

Notes for Chapter 17, Chemical Equilibrium

Chemical Equilibrium notes  EQ-notes – accel

Handouts for Chapter, 17, Chemical Equilibrium

Practice Problems 16.2 Front side  16.2practicepg1

Practice Problems 16.2 Back side  16.2practicepg2

Keq Practice Problems handout Keq Practice Problems

Chemical Equilibrium Study Guide   Study Guide 18.1 front  Study Guide 18.1 back

Reaction Quotient Practice Reaction Quotient Practice

Keq Review practice handout  Keq Review Practice

Chemical Equilibrium handout  ChemEQ Handout

Le Chatelier’s Principle (grid) handout

Le Chatelier's Practice

Le Chatelier’s Practice

Le Chatelier’s Principle handout  Le Chatelier’s Principle HO

Equilibrium Test Review  Review-EQ-Accel

Labs for Chapter 17, Chemical Equilibrium

Reversible Reactions lab  Reversible Rxn lab – accel

Shift and Shout: Exploring LeChatelier’s lab  LeChatelier’s Lab-accel


Kinetics Assignments, Chapter 16

Apr. 14   Read pages 558-567

Apr. 14   Study Guide: Factors handout due

Apr. 15   Study Guide: Potential Energy handout due

Apr. 15   Read pages 568-573

Apr. 17   Reaction Mechanism handout due

Apr. 17   Review given out

Apr. 20   Kinetics Test

Apr. 21   Antacid lab due

Notes for Kinetics

Notes for Kinetics  Kinetics Notes – accel

Handouts for Kinetics

Study Guide: Factors – Front side  Reaction Rates 16.1

Study Guide: Factors – Back side Factors Affecting Rxn Rates 16.2

Study Guide: Reaction Rates 16.2 continued

Concept Review: Potential Energy Diagrams Concept Review

Reaction Mechanism handout  Determine Rxn Mech-accel

Kinetics Review  Review-kinetics-accel

Labs for Kinetics

Antacid lab  Antacid Rate lab


 SOLUTIONS Assignments, Chapter 14
Mar. 18     Read pages 489-495

Mar. 18     Solutions Concept Review handout due

Mar. 19     Solutions Study Guide due

Mar. 20    Ice Cream supplies volunteered for

Mar. 23     Molarity/Molality handout due

Mar. 24     Solution and Solubility Curve handout due

Mar. 25     Read pages 498-50

Mar. 25     Colligative Properties handout due

Mar. 25     Solubility of KNO3 lab due

Mar. 26     Ice cream supplies due

Mar. 26    Solutions Problem set handout due

Mar.  26   Review for test given out

Mar. 30    Solutions test

Apr. 1       Ice cream lab due

Mar. 31   Midterm review problem set due

Apr. 1     Midterm, Part I – calculations  (date change)

Apr. 3    Midterm, Part II – multiple choice and short answer

Notes for Solutions
Solutions  notes Solution Notes – accel

Handouts for Solutions
Concept Review: Solutions (front side)

Concept Review-Solutions
Study Guide: Heterogeneous Solutions (backside)

Study Guide-Mixtures and Solutions
Study Guide: What are Solutions? (front side)

Study Guide-14.3 front side
Study Guide: What are Solutions? (back side)

Study Guide-14.3 back side
Solubility Curve handout

Solubility Curve handout
Solutions and Solubility Curve Problems  Soln Pset with Solubility

Molarity and Molality handout Molar-Molal Practice

Colligative Properties Problem set handout Colligative Properties Problem Set

Solutions Problem set handout Solns Problem Set – accel

Review for Chapter 14 handout REVIEW-soln-accel

Labs for Solutions
Supersaturation lab (did not do this year)

Solubility of KNO3 lab Solubility Lab

We all Scream for Ice Cream lab IceCream lab

Midterm Review Materials
Midterm Review objectives handout Midterm – second review-single

Midterm Problem Set handout  Midterm Pset-accel-2015

Midterm Objectives to study: Midterm review – accel – 2015


Assignments for Gas Laws, Chapters 12 and 13

Mar. 3      Read pages 403-410

Mar. 4        Read pages 440-448

Mar. 5        Boyle’s Charles’ and Gay-Lussac’s Laws handout due

Mar. 5        Gas Pressure lab due

Mar. 6        Read pages 449-455

Mar. 6        Dalton’s and Combined Gas Law handout due

Mar. 9        Gas Laws handout due

Mar. 9        Absolute Zero lab due

Mar. 10        Read pages 456-464

Mar. 10        Graham’s law and Gas Stoichiometry handout due

Mar. 11      Gas Laws Quiz

Mar. 12      More Gas Laws handout due

Mar. 12      Review for test distributed

Mar. 13      Rates of Diffusion of Gases lab due

Mar. 16      Review handout due

Mar. 16      Gas Laws Test

Mar. 20      Big Chill Project due


Notes for Gas laws

Gas laws notes  Gas Law notes – accel

Handouts for Gas laws

Boyle’s, Charles’, and Gay-Lussac’s Laws handout  Boyle’s, Charles’, Gay-Lussac’s Problem set

Handouts for Fernbank’s computer programs handouts: Fernbank-Boyles       Fernbank-Charles         Fernbank-Gaylussac

Dalton’s and Combined Gas Law handout: Dalton-Combined-Ideal problem set

Graham’s law and Gas Stoichiometry handout:  Grahams-Gas Stoichiometry Problem set

Gas Laws handout:  Gas Law Problems

Molar Mass Problems:  Molar Mass Practice

More Gas Laws handout: More Gas Law Problems

Review for Gas law:s  Review-gas-accel2015

Labs for Gas Laws

Gas Pressure lab:  Gas-Pipet Pressure lab

Absolute Zero lab:  Absolute Zero Lab – new

Rates of Diffusion of Gases lab:  Gas Diffusion lab


Phases of Matter and Energy, Chapters 12 and 15

Feb. 5      Read pages 400-403

Feb. 11    Chillin’ Out: Comparing Rates of Evaporation lab due

Feb. 11    Read pages 411-419

Feb. 11   Characteristics of Phases of Matter and IMFs, Liquids, and Water handout due

Feb. 12    Read pages 420-419

Feb. 12   Study Guide 12.2 and 12.3 due

Feb. 13    Read pages 425-430

Feb. 13    Changes of State handout due

February 17    SNOW DAY

Feb. 18   Study Guide 12.4 due

Feb. 19   Read pages 514-524

Feb. 20   Energy Calculations handout due

Feb. 23   Review for test distributed

Feb. 24   Test – Ch. 12 and 15

Feb. 24   Heat of Fusion of Ice lab due

Feb. 24   Dry Ice lab due

Notes for Phases of Matter

Phases of Matter and Energy notes  Phase Notes – Accel

Handouts for Phases of Matter

Characteristics of Phases of Matter handout

IMF’s, Liquids, and Water handout IMFs-liquids-water

Study Guide 12.2 and 12.3

Changes of State handout  Phase Changes

Study Guide 12.4 front and 12.4 back

Energy Calculations – both sides  Heat Calculation handouts – accel

Phases of Matter and Energy Review  Review 12-15 Accel

Labs for Phases of Matter

Chillin’ Out: Rates of Evaporation lab  Evaporation lab – web

Heat of Fusion of Ice lab  HeatfusxLab – NO CBL HeatfusxLab-lab sheet

Dry Ice Lab  Dry Ice lab


Assignments for Stoichiometry, Chapter 11

Jan. 26         Intro to Stoichiometry handout due

Jan. 27         Read pages 366-372

Jan. 27         Simple Stoichiometry handout due

Jan. 28         Read pages 373-378

Jan. 28         Stoichiometry Problems due

Jan. 30         Stoichiometry Practice – All Types due

Feb. 2           Stoichiometry Quiz (no limiting reactant)

Feb. 2           Stoichiometry of a Chemical Reaction lab due

Feb. 2           Read pages 379 – 384

Feb. 2           Limiting Reactant Practice due

Feb. 4           Limiting reactant and Percent Yield due

Feb. 5           Stoichiometry Final practice due

Feb. 5           Off to the Races lab due

Feb. 6           Review for test distributed

Feb. 9           Test – Chapter 11

Notes for Stoichiometry

Stoichiometry notes  Stoichio Notes – accel

Handouts for Stoichiometry

Intro to Stoichiometry  Introduction to Stoichiometry

Simple Stoichiometry  Simple Stoichiometry

Mass to Mass Stoichiometry Problems  Stoichiometry Problems

Stoichiometry Practice – All Types  Stoichio Practice – All

Limiting Reactant Practice  Limiting Reactant Practice

Limiting Reactant and Percent Yield  LR and Percent Yield PRactice

Stoichiometry Final Practice  Stoichio Final Practice

Review for test  Review12-Accel-2014

Labs for Stoichiometry

Stoichiometry of a Chemical reaction lab  Stoichiometry Lab

Off to the Races lab  Off to the Races -directions   Off to the Races – calculations


Assignments for the Mole, Chapter 10

Jan. 7         Dimensional Analysis handout due

Jan. 8         Read pages 318-324

Jan. 8         Molar mass handout due

Jan. 12       Percent Composition Lab due

Jan. 12       Read pages 325-340

Jan. 12       Mole City – Part One handout due

Jan. 13       Mole City – Part Two handout due

Jan. 14       Mole City – Part Three handout due

Jan. 15       Read pages 341-345

Jan. 15       Percent Composition-Empirical Practice handout due

Jan. 16       Read pages 346-354

Jan. 20       Molecular and Hydrate Practice handout due

Jan. 21       Water of Hydration lab due

Jan. 21       Problem set, chapter 10: #2, 5a, 16a, 17a, 19a, 20a, 32, 37, 40a, 54, 63, 74 due

Jan. 21       Review for test

Jan. 23       Review for test due

Jan. 23       Chapter Ten test  (test moved to Friday due to Analytical Geometry EOC)

Jan. 23       Final Day to choose book for Project Read


Chapter 10 notes  Mole-notes-accel


Dimensional Analysis handout  Dim-Analysis H-O

Molar Mass handout  Molar mass Wkst2014

Mole City – Part One handout  Mole City – part one

Mole City – Part Two handout  Mole City – part two

Mole City – Part Three handout  Mole City – part three

Percent Composition – Empirical Practice Handout  Percent Comp-Empirical practice

Empirical, Molecular, and Hydrate Practice  Emp-Mol-Hydrate handout

Mole Review for test  Review-mol-accel


Percent Composition lab  Percent Comp lab

Water of Hydration Lab  Hydrate lab – accel


Project Read Instructions  Book Project Directions

Project Read book form (due by January 23)  Summary and Approval Form

Big List of Books to choose from (hard copy in the class room) Book Project List 2014




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