Accel Chem – Fall


Chemical Reactions, Chapter 9

Dec. 4           Review for Final exam distributed

Dec. 5           Read pages 280-288

Dec. 5           Balancing equations, Part II handout due

Dec. 8           Concept Review: Writing Balanced Equations handout due

Dec. 8           Law of Conservation of Mass lab due

Dec. 9           Retest date for Chemical Names and Formulas Test

Dec. 9           Read pages 289-298

Dec. 9           Study Guide 9.1 and 9.2 handout due

Dec. 12         Types of Reactions lab due

Dec. 12         Concept review: Predicting products of Chemical Reactions handout due

Dec. 12         Balancing Chemical Reactions, Word Equations handout due

Dec. 12         Review for test distributed

Dec. 15          Review for test due

Dec. 15         Chapter 9 Test, Chemical Reactions

Dec. 16         Final Exam Review Problem set due

Dec. 17-19      Final Exam Review and Final Exam


Notes for Chemical Reactions

Chemical Reaction Notes  Chem Rxn Notes-accel


Handouts for Chemical Reactions

Balancing equations, Part II handout  balancerxn2

Concept Review: Writing Balanced Equations handout  wordeqnshandout

Study Guide 9.1 and 9.2 handout  studyguide9.1and9.2

Concept review: Predicting products of Chemical Reactions handout  Predicting Products handout

Balancing Chemical Reactions, Word Equations handout  Word equationsTwo 2012

Review for test  Review- Reactions – accel


Labs for Chemical Reactions

Conservation of Mass lab  ConserveMasslab-no inquiry

Types of Reactions lab  Rxntypelab, RxnType lab data table


PowerPoint for Chemical Reactions


Final Exam Review packet





Chemical Bonding and Nomenclature, Chapters 7-8

Oct. 29          Midterm Exam

Oct. 31          Read pages 204-217 and 225-228

Nov. 3           Bonding Problem Set handout due

Nov. 3           Read pages 240-267

Nov. 3           Bond Comparison Table due

Nov. 4           Retest for Periodic Trends

Nov. 6           Molecular Geometry – mini – handout due

Nov. 7           Molecular Geometry – handout due

Nov. 7           Ion quiz information given out

Nov. 10         VSEPR Problem set due

Nov. 10         Properties of Ionic and Covalent Compounds lab

Nov. 12          Review for test due – Bonding only

Nov. 12         Test, Chapters 7-8, Bonding only

Nov. 13         Molecular Geometry lab due

Nov. 13         Ion Quiz #1

Nov. 14         Read pages 218-224

Nov. 14         Ionic Nomenclature handout due

Nov. 17         Ion Quiz #2

Nov. 17         Molecular Nomenclature handout due

Nov. 17         Read pages 248-252

Nov. 18         Chemical Names and Formulas lab due

Nov. 19         Ion Quiz #3

Nov. 20         Chemical names and Formulas Quiz

Nov. 21         Nomenclature Study Sheet due

Nov. 21         Ion Quiz #4

Dec. 1           Naming Compounds and Writing Formulas Review

Dec. 2           Roll of the Die lab due

Dec. 1           Review for test given

Dec. 1           Practicing Nomenclature handout due

Dec. 3           Review for test due

Dec. 3           Test, Chapters 7-8, Nomenclature only



Notes for Chemical Bonding and Nomenclature

Bonding Notes – all  Bonding Notes – accel

Molecular Structure Notes  Molecular Structure notes – accel

Nomenclature Notes – all  Nomenclature Notes – accel



Handouts for Chemical Bonding and Nomenclature

Ion sheet – backside of the periodic table Ion Chart

Ions for each quiz list  Quiz Ions

Bonding Problem Set handout   Bondwksht-accel

Comparing Types of Bond table  Bond Table

Molecular Geometry sheet  Molecular Geo worksheet

VSEPR Handout  Vsprwksht-accel

Bonding Review handout front side Review 7-8 -bonding – accel   and back side  Review-Bonding-Part II

Chemical Names and Formulas: Ionic Practice Practice – ionic

Chemical Names and Formulas: Molecular Practice  Practice – molecular 

Chemical Names and Formulas: Acid Practice  Practice – acids

Nomenclature Study sheet  Nomenclature Study

Naming Compounds and Writing formulas handout Name Comp-Formulas review

Nomenclature Review for test  Review – Formulas


Labs for Chemical Bonding and Nomenclature

Properties of Ionic and Covalent Compounds lab  Bonding lab-three unknowns

Molecular Geometry lab  Molecular Geometry lab

Naming Compounds lab  ChmFrmlab

Roll of the Die lab A Roll of the Die lab 




ASSIGNMENTS FOR PERIODICITY, Chapter 6 and the Element Handbook

Oct. 7       Midterm Review given out

You can access the midterm objectives and problem set here:    Midterm Objectives-accel    Midterm Questions

Oct. 8       Read pages 172-186

Oct. 8       Study Guide, Chapter 6 due

Oct. 9       Periodic Law handout due

Oct. 10     Survey of the Elements lab due by end of period

Oct. 10     Element Project due

Oct. 15     Read pages 187-194

Oct. 16     Periodic Properties handout due

Oct. 17     Graphing Trends of the Periodic Table due by end of period

Oct. 21     Read pages 901-945

Oct. 21     Element Families handout due

Oct. 23    Review for test given out

Oct. 24    Where are the Halides lab due

Oct. 27     Chapter 6, periodicity test

Oct. 28     Midterm Review due

Oct. 29     Chemistry Midterm


Notes for Periodicity

The Periodic Table notes, Periodic Trends notes, and Element families notes  Periodic Notes – all


Handouts for Periodicity

Study Guide, Chapter 6.1 front side and 6.1 back side

Study Guide 6.2 front side and 6.2 back side

The Periodic Law handout

Periodic Properties handout

Element Families handout: Element families Wkst

Review worksheet Periodicity review handout

Review objectives Review Periodicity


Periodicity Labs

Element Project

Element Survey Lab

   It does not include a periodic table you can get one here

Graphing Trends of the Periodic Table  Graphing Trends lab – accel

Where are the Halides? lab



Sep. 15            Read pages 100-114

Sep. 16            Shoebox lab due

Sep. 17            Chapter 4 problem set, page 128 #30-36 due

Sep. 17            SLO – in class

Sep. 18            Atomic Mass and Structure handout due

Sep. 19            Quiz over subatomic particles

Sep. 22            Read pages 115-124

Sep. 22            Nuclear radiation handout due

Sep. 23            Chapter 5 #1-3, 5, 6, and page 978, Chapter 5 #1-4 due

Sep. 24            Flame Test lab due

Sep. 24            Glow in the Dark Stars due

Sep. 24            Read pages 136-155

Sep. 25            Atomic Structure Quiz

Sep. 26            Examining Bright Line Spectra lab due

Sep. 26            Chapter 5 #35, 36, 38, 41, 42, 45, 46 due

Sep. 29            Electron Hotel handout due

Sep. 29            Read pages 156-164

Sep. 30            Electron Configuration (front side only) handout due

Oct. 1              Electron Configuration (True/False) handout due

Oct. 2               Electron Configuration (finish front side and do back side) handout due

Oct. 6              Review packet for test due

Oct. 6              Chapters 4-5 test

Oct. 7              Felt Tip Electron lab due (one per group)

Oct. 10            Element Project due


Notes for the chapters

Atom Notes – all


Handouts for the Atom

Atomic Structure and mass

Nuclear radiation

Glow in the dark stars

Electron Hotel

E Config Practice-more

Oddballs and Ion econfig

E Config Practice



Labs for the Atom

Shoebox lab 2014

Bright Line Spectra lab-Hg

Flame Test lab2014


Project Sheets

Fall Semester Projects-Accel

Element Project – accel


Assignments for Chapter 3 – Matter

Sep. 3     Density Block lab due

Sep. 3     Read pages 70-75

Sep. 3     Physical Properties handout due (on the back of the first notes sheet)

Sep. 4     Retest for Chapter 1-2 Test

Sep. 5     Read pages 76-79

Sep. 5     Physical and Chemical Changes handout due

Sep. 8     Read pages 80-90

Sep. 8     Physical and Chemical Properties lab due

Sep. 10   Visual Organizer (Elements, Compounds, Mixtures, and Solutions) due

Sep. 10   A Classification Scheme handout due

Sep. 10   Identifying Physical and Chemical Changes handout due

Sep. 11   Review packet for test due

Sep. 15   Observing Physical and Chemical Changes lab



Physical and Chemical Aspects of Matter, Part I  Phys-Chem Notes – accel

Physical and Chemical Aspects of Matter, Part II  (included above)

Physical and Chemical Aspects of Matter, Part III (included above)



Physical Properties  (in notes above – second page)

Physical and Chemical Changes  Phys-Chem Changes

Visual Organizer (Elements, Compounds, Mixtures, and Solutions)   Matter-Visual Organizer

A Classification Scheme  ClassifyScheme

Identifying Physical and Chemical Changes  Identifying Phys-Chem Changes

Review packet for test  Review-Gen2011



Density Block lab  Density-Block Lab-Accel

Physical and Chemical Properties lab  Phys-Chem Object lab

Observing Physical and Chemical Changes  Phys-Chem Changes lab



Assignments for the Introduction to Chemistry, Chapters 1-2

Aug. 12           Poincare Response paragraph due

Aug. 12           Student Information form due

Aug. 13           Scientific Method handout due

Aug. 15           First Day Stations handout due

Aug. 15           Fish Lab report due

Aug. 15           Read pages 7-13

Aug. 18           Read pages 14-17

Aug. 19           Read pages 25-30

Aug. 19           More Metric Conversions handout due

Aug. 19           Lab partner due

Aug. 20           Read pages 31-35

Aug. 20           Safety Contract due

Aug. 20           Dimensional Analysis handout due

Aug. 21           Read pages 36-42

Aug. 21           handout due

Aug. 22           Significant Figures handout due

Aug. 25           Making Measurements activity handout due

Aug. 26           Review for test distributed

Aug. 27           Making Measurement lab due

Aug. 28           Test over chapters 1-2

Aug. 29           Gro Beast lab due


Notes for this unit

Scientific Method Scientific Method-Vocab

Lab Safety  Lab safety handout

Metric Conversions Metric notes – gen

Significant Figures  SigFig-Rounding

Percent Error, Accuracy and Precision PercentError


Handouts for this Unit

First Day Stations  First Day Stations2014

Fish Lab Report Instructions  FISH LAB REPORT handout

Solving Problems by the Scientific Method, front side   Sci Method1

Solving Problems by the Scientific Method, back side  Sci Method2

Lab Equipment Orientation, front side  Lab Equip1

Lab Equipment Orientation, back side  Lab Equip2

More Metric Conversions  Metricmore

Factor Label method  Factor-label

Significant Figures  SciNote-SigFig HO

Metric Conversions  Metric Worksheet

Brain Stretcher  Brain teaser

Test Review  Review-intro


Labs for this Unit

Making Measurements  Measuring Cookies

Gro Beast  Gro-Beast lab


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